Am I a sex addict?

Am I a sex addict?

You may find these helpful as a method of self-assessment. If you answer 1 or more questions “yes”, then you may have an issue: What you can do?”

1. Do you keep secrets about your sexual or romantic activities from those important to you? Do you lead a double life?

2. Have your needs driven you to have sex in places or situations or with people you would not normally choose?

3. Do you find yourself looking for sexually arousing articles or scenes in newspapers, magazines or other media?

4. Do you find that romantic or sexual fantasies interfere with your relationships or are preventing you from facing problems?

5. Do you frequently want to get away from a sex partner after having sex? Do you frequently feel remorse, shame or guilt after a sexual encounter?

6. Is it taking more variety and frequency of sexual and romantic activities than previously to be brought to the same levels of excitement and relief?

7. Have you been arrested or are you in danger of being arrested because of your practices of voyeurism, exhibitionism, prostitution, sex with minors, public sex etc.?

8. Does your pursuit of sex or romantic relationships interfere with your spiritual beliefs or development?

9. Do your sexual activities include the risk, threat, or reality of disease, unwanted pregnancy, coercion, or violence?

10. Has your sexual or romantic behavior ever left you feeling hopeless, alienated from others, or suicidal?

11. Do you try to spend less time being sexual on the internet?  Do you hide internet usage from your partner?  Are you not getting enough sleep to function the next day? Do you try to stop viewing porn sites or porn videos for hours but do it again?  Does your internet usage make you feel like you are an unhealthy person?

12. Do you have sex then start immediately seeking another partner or image to experience sex again because the first time or second time just did not get the fix you needed?

13. Are you living a double life because of your sex life?  Are you an expert liar, habitually telling people what they want to hear? If your coworkers, family or friends knew how you live, would they be shocked and surprise by this other character?

14. Do you wish it was over?  Would you find it a release to be discovered, arrested or to die?  Do you think you are beyond help or your behavior is too horrible to be forgiven?  Do you hate yourself?